$85.00 30 minutes

Cupping is a practice that has been used in chinese medicine for thousands of years. Either glass or plastic cups are placed on certain parts of your body and then suctioned to your skin; thus, creating a vacuum. During the 5-15 minute vacuuming period, recipients may experience a deepened sense of relaxation.

The pull of low pressure expands blood vessels within the muscle which simultaneously increases blood flow to that area while removing stagnant blood and build up. In the vacuums’ release, your tissues are flooded with nutrients, oxygen, and blood flow that replenish stagnant tissue, break up muscle fibers, and release buried toxins within your tissue. Collectively, cupping aids your body in it’s ability to drain excess fluids, loosen stubborn knots, relieve indigestion, heighten your lymphatic system, eliminate common colds, aid in respiratory relief, and also for full body detoxification.

Note- it is normal for there to be dark circular marks left on your body that may resemble bruises from where the cups were applied. There is nothing harmful about these marks, and typically will go away 2-7 days after the service.

Because this process does not happen naturally within our bodies, there may be a lot of buildup that abruptly breaks free. For this reason and for the best results, it is required that you arrive to your appointment fully hydrated and drink 2x your normal water intake following your appointment.

Call your therapist directly if you have any questions regarding this service, or would like to set up an appointment.

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