About One Root

The foundation of One Root is based on Empowerment.

Empowerment to build strong, healthy relationships with one’s self and others by simplifying time to the present moment and re-connecting to our most basic needs. We are a haven for harboring wholeness. We are encouragement for internal and external expansion, and we are a place that embraces and respects your individuality. We believe in equality, that we are all in connection to one another, and that therapeutic human touch positively impacts our quality of life on an immeasurable scale. The therapists at One Root are dedicated in providing services that support you and support empowerment for the engagement in your life.

Ashley Youngblom is the founder of One Root Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork and is a licensed massage therapist. Her practice is heart-based where she works with clients to meet them where they are at. The services she offers reflect upon the interconnection of the physical body and the emotional & spiritual being where she specializes in connective tissue and emphasizes on postural analysis and muscle/fascia realignment.

Ashley moved back to her hometown of Duluth, Minnesota after previously living in Arizona where she completed her training at the Arizona School of Integrative Studies in 2016. She had the privileged opportunity to study under renowned bodyworkers and energetic healers and has certifications as a licensed massage therapist, as a chiropractic’s assistant, and in Healing Touch. She continuously seeks to further her education in bodywork with inspired treatments & mindful practices.