Lymphatic Drainage [75 min]

$120.00 75 minutes

Your Lymphatic system is directly responsible for the elimination of all waste in our bodies. Lymph is everywhere, and it’s system is of the most delicate- noting the “pressure” used to perform this service is very light. (So much so, that it has been perceived as being ineffective.) However, its profound results are particularly helpful for those who live with fibromyalgia, who have compromised lymphatic systems due to removal of lymph nodes, or experience lymphedema, and whos’ immune system is impaired . Lymphatic Drainage massage shows high success rates in overall wellness through its well studied techniques and has the best results with a fully hydrated system to better equip the body in removing waste. By cleansing this system, you are creating clear pathways for toxins, edema, waste, and anything else your body does not need to be flushed free from your system (much like clearing a clogged drain pipe).

Note: Services are by appointment only. Prices do not include sales tax / processing fees.