Pre/Post Pregnancy Massage [60 min]

$100.00 60 minutes

It is an honor for us to work with expecting mothers, and understand the importance in alleviating discomfort and perhaps newfound aches and pains. We use a side lying positioning system propping your body with pillows to ensure maximum comfort, and also to anatomically align your body within gravity for the ease of natural movements to take place. You will have the option to use a specially designed pregnancy bolster which allows you to lie face down with the safety and comfort to both you, and your baby. Our therapists are trained in both pregnancy and post pregnancy massage, and look forward to the pleasure of working with both of you.

Please mention the number of weeks you are pregnant at the time of booking your appointment so we are best able to accommodate you.

For the safety of your developing child, we do not offer massage during your first trimester unless specifically prescribed by your doctor, or cupping services throughout the entirety of your pregnancy.

Note: Services are by appointment only. Prices do not include sales tax / processing fees.