Connective Tissue Massage [60 min]

$100.00 60 minutes

Connective tissue is a web like fiber in our bodies known as fascia. Fascia is composed throughout our entire body acting as a binding agent which fills the space between bone, muscle, ligament, nerve, etc., and plays a significant role in dictating our body structure. This technique is used to release holding patterns within soft tissue by redirecting, sculpting, and molding our fascia to restore optimal alignment within gravity while regaining mobility, and relieving tension.

Your therapist is trained to listen with their hands to how, and where your body is responding and is then guided to those areas which are ready to release. In working with connective tissue, your therapists’ hands sink to the exact point of your bodies allowance obtaining the capability of reaching the deepest layers of your tissue. Along with achieving an extremely relaxed state of being, your body may also feel more aligned, lengthened, and restored to proper balance.

Note: Services are by appointment only. Prices do not include sales tax / processing fees.