Sports Massage [45 min]

$80.00 45 minutes

Designed for athletes of all kinds & those who engage in high levels of activity. Whether pre- or post event, as a maintenance massage, or for recent/recurring injury- this service focuses on repairing microtears, replenishing tissues, reducing muscle tension/cramping, and increasing overall recovery time. Your therapist works with you directly on strength, flexibility, biomechanics, posture, and existing injuries by using a combination of various stretching techniques, circulation flow methods, and compression w/ R.O.M. to aid in your overall physical and mental performances. This service is offered to avoid major muscle, ligament, and tendon tears, to keep you performing at your peak capacity, and to aid in the healing process/ recovery time from physical activities. PNF stretching, cryo-therapy(ice therapy), cupping, myofascial release, resistance stretching, and long broad circulatory strokes are commonly used during this session.

Note: Services are by appointment only. Prices do not include sales tax / processing fees.